Important Notice About the Rules

Important Notice To All Members About The Park Rules-Please Read Carefully

In the run-up to the September 2024 membership renewal, the Trustees would like to give the following guidance to Members.

For the Park to run efficiently and effectively, Members need to comply with the Rules. The Rules are displayed on boards throughout the Park and at

There has been an increase in rule-breaking recently. A few Members have been unapologetic about this. In addition, the behaviour of a small number of users towards the Wardens has been disappointing.

The Trustees, as the legal owners of the Park, set the terms on which Members are allowed in. In return for the privilege of membership and access to the Park, Members agree in writing to obey the Rules and to make sure that their guests do likewise.

While all the rules need to be followed, particularly important rules are:

  • All Park users must treat the Wardens with respect and courtesy and comply with instructions from the Wardens.
  • Keys are for Members and those living permanently with them, plus no more than two guests (child or adult) on any visit.
  • Lending a key to a non-Member is completely forbidden.
  • Only children under age 12 can use the play equipment. Our insurers insist on this.
  • Dog owners must keep their dogs in sight and under control at all times, and must pick up after them. The Wardens are not there to clean up after negligent dog owners.
  • Dogs are never allowed in the children’s play area, no matter what their size.
  • Ball games are not allowed anywhere in the Park, and bicycles or scooters must not be used in the Park.

Members who break the Rules also break their agreement with the Trustees. When that happens, the Trustees can suspend or terminate memberships.

With more than 400 people on the waiting list, we are not willing to let those who break the Rules continue to benefit from the Park, at the expense of others who would jump at the chance to become Members.

Given the number and nature of recent breaches, and the consequent drain on our time, Members found breaking the Rules will from now on receive a final warning, with any further breach resulting in appropriate action by the Trustees. In serious cases the Trustees reserve the right to terminate membership immediately. We have recently terminated a membership, and accepted the resignation of a Member, due to rule-breaking.

In addition, it is no excuse for Members found in breach of the Rules to claim that they did not know the Rules. When Members sign on renewal to say that they have read the Rules and agree to abide by them, we are entitled to take them at their word.

We hope that you will find this helpful.

The Trustees, July 2024