Membership: November 2023 Update-Waiting List Now Open

We are now able to re-open the waiting list for Park membership to applicants living permanently within the L23 postcode (this reflects the terms of the trust governing the Park).

We keep the waiting list strictly by date of application. Any applications or emails asking to join which were sent in while the waiting list was closed have not been retained and will need to be re-submitted.

We do not accept applications from third parties on behalf of prospective members-all applications must be made by the person applying for membership.

Please send applications for membership by email to attaching a completed application form, which can be found here. Please make sure you send the correct form. We do not accept postal or hand-delivered applications.

We will send you an email acknowledging your application (we ask that you please email if for any reason you do not receive one within 21 days). Please make sure that you keep this as your receipt for your application.

Waiting times depend on how many Members resign each year. Every October, we assess the number of vacancies and offer new memberships to the next applicants on the list. After this autumn’s round of membership renewals, we have been able to reduce the waiting list from 271 to 192. At current rates the last applicants on the present list may have to wait another two or three years for membership, and those applying now may have to wait for three or more years. While we regret this, the Trustees are very clear that increasing membership numbers beyond current levels is not in the best interests of the Park or its Members.

As a small charity we are not able to send individual emails updating people about their position on the waiting list, but we will if resources permit to send annual group updates. With that in mind, we suggest that you add as a contact on your email, to prevent our emails going into your spam folder.

We hope that this update is helpful.

The Trustees, November 2023.


Park rules can be found here