Autumn Watch 2012

Last winter and spring, many areas of the park were cleared of Gorse, in line with the 30 year management plan. During the summer these areas grew back and are thriving thanks to the very wet summer, and native species are now naturally growing in these areas, including Burnett Rose, Sorrell and Campion, this in turn encourages wildlife.

Although the heavy rainfall has encouraged the rapid growth of many species, it has played havoc with the paths which have been repaired many times over the summer.

The new Owl Box has already been inhabited by our resident Tawny Owl, a year earlier than was expected.

Sadly Dutch Elm has taken its toll and the diseased trees have been removed, but thankfully it hasn’t yet spread and we still have many healthy trees, but we’re holding our breath. The same with the Ash trees in the park, we can only hope that the current new disease spreading across the UK doesn’t reach the park.

The major project for the Autumn is the removal and replacement of all the fencing around the children’s play area. It will be an attractive and welcome addition.

This year the resident Fox pair had five cubs but they have now been chased on by their parents and will have found their own new territories.

Thankfully, the rabbits are slowly recovering from the myxamotosis that decimated their numbers in April.

The Moorhen didn’t have a second brood as she usually does, probably due to the bizarre weather conditions we’ve had over the summer.

The Wildflower Bed was cut down and more seeds have been planted, hopefully leading to an even more spectacular display next spring.

The summer has been particularly challenging but Dave, our Warden has done a fantastic job in keeping the park in good condition.