The Rules of Membership

  1. Membership is by the issue each year of a Park key in exchange for an annual payment determined by the Trustees and is subject to these Rules. Keys are issued at the Trustees’ discretion: they may refuse or terminate membership or alter these Rules at any time.
  2. The issued key is restricted to the personal use of a Member and his or her family living in the same house. It must not be loaned to other individuals or families. Anyone using the Park must identify themselves by giving their name and address and producing their key when asked by a Warden or Trustee. Any Member lending their key to a non-Member to allow them to use the Park will have their membership terminated.
  3. Entry to and use of the Park and its facilities is at Members’ and guests’ own risk. The Blundellsands Park Trust does not accept responsibility for loss or injury howsoever caused.
  4. A Member may, in addition to family living in the same house, bring a maximum of 2 guests into the Park on any visit. To clarify this means 2 people: for example 2 adults or 2 children or 1 adult and 1 child. Members are responsible for the behaviour in the Park of their family and guests using their key, and for ensuring that they are familiar with these Rules.
  5. All Park users must treat other users, the Wardens, the Secretary and the Trustees with respect and courtesy, and use the Park in a way that preserves the grounds and amenities. Park users must comply with any instructions given to them by the Wardens/Trustees.
  6. Children must be supervised at all times and must never be left unattended in the park. Only children under 12 are permitted to use any of the children’s play equipment. Ball games may not be played anywhere in the Park.
  7. Bicycles/scooters etc must not be ridden anywhere in the Park. A bicycle rack is located by the Main Gate in Warren Road for storing bicycles.
  8. There are areas of deep water in the Park. These are securely fenced and signed. Children or any other persons must not enter the fenced areas in any circumstances.
  9. Only Members’ dogs may be brought into the Park, subject to the following conditions:
    • No Member may bring more than two dogs into the Park at any time.
    • Members must declare when joining or renewing their membership the names, breeds, ages and colours of their dogs. Members introducing a new dog to the Park during the membership year must email the Secretary with the same information.
    • Dogs must be kept fully under control by and in sight of their owners at all times.
    • Dog owners must clean up after their dogs and deposit the waste in the “Dog Bins” provided. Owners breaking this rule will have their membership terminated.
    • Dogs are not permitted in the children’s playground.
    • Bitches “in season” must not be brought into the Park.
  10. Flowers, plants, trees and shrubs must not be picked, foraged or damaged in any way. The climbing of railings or trees is forbidden.
  11. The lighting of fires, stoves or barbecues is forbidden. Litter must not be left in the Park except in the litter bins provided.
  12. Members breaking these Rules or enabling others to do so will, in the interests of other Members, have their membership terminated. On termination, the key must be returned.

August 2020